503B Outsourcing

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Your Trusted Source for Custom and Compounded Pharmaceuticals:

BPI Labs is one of few dually licensed FDA drug manufacturer and 503B outsourcing facilities. BPI specializes in providing the absolute highest quality medications to fill unmet needs. BPI services hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies throughout the US.

Here’s Our Promise to You


We adhere to the strictest cGMP guidelines and have our own internal quality system and exceed industry standard.


We employ leading professionals in R & D, Medical Affairs, Pharmacy, Quality, Engineering and more, ready to partner with you to develop safe and effective medications for office-use dispensing.


We partner with clients to understand their requirements and future needs to assist in providing continuous and uninterrupted supply of product.

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Our Products

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we offer a product line that is meticulously crafted to uphold the highest scientific and quality standards. Our injectables provide customers with cutting-edge solutions to address the evolving demands of discerning patients. From innovative treatments to essential medications, each product undergoes rigorous testing and stringent quality control measures to ensure efficacy and safety. Partner with BPI Labs today and elevate your offerings with trusted injectables backed by unwavering dedication to patient well-being.

Our Quality

BPI Labs 503B Outsourcing has expanded capacity to help alleviate the nationwide shortage of life-saving, sterile medications across the US. BPI Labs officials recognize that persistent drug shortages pose a threat to the quality of patient care.

In an effort to address this ongoing crisis, BPI Labs has responded with 24-7 production of shortage products, including sterile small-volume parenteral solutions (SVPs) and pre-filled sterile syringes.

BPI Labs releases batches of products, only after all release data is available and passing.  Each and every batch of medication is fully tested and must pass strict parameters, or it will not be released into the market. The company stands by its commitment to distribute only the highest quality medication.